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about RIPPED Fit

Brian Ripka - Founder of RIPPED

A born leader, an innate teacher, and all around good guy, Brian Ripka wears many hats. Most days you can catch him suited up in RIPPED gear and a baseball hat headed into The War Room to motivate a class of RIPPERS who show up in droves for what he’s giving out: an intensely-motivational, high-energy, heart-pumping workout for both the mind and body. But you can also find him suited up (well, not in an actual suit!) for his other role as the CEO & Founder of RIPPED, his phenomenally successful fitness boutique.

As the former CEO of Judith Ripka Jewelry, the eponymous multi-million dollar luxury jewelry company, it’s evident that Brian knows how to build a luxury brand. But his true passion had always been health & fitness, which is exactly why his next career move came to him during one of his daily runs through the streets of Manhattan.

"I'm an avid runner. Always have been. I run daily—not just for my body, but also for my soul. Every morning I would dodge buses in New York City running up and down Madison Avenue,” explains Brian. “One day, I ran by a cycling studio and wondered why there wasn’t one for runners. It’s a fact that running is the most efficient exercise but I also know it’s not just about fat loss from running; it’s about the importance of incorporating muscle toning for total body fitness. So I created a proprietary, dynamic program that combines alternating high intensity interval training of equal parts treadmill & strength training in an incredibly luxurious environment. I added in world-class instructors and great music and RIPPED was born. For me, it’s about looking your best, but more importantly, about feeling your best."

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